If you are experiencing severe pain in your teeth, especially long after drinking hot or cold liquids, you may have morethan normal tooth decay. A tooth is composed of a few layers, and one of these, an inner layer that is soft, pulpy andprotects the roots and nerves, can become infected. If that happens, it can be a very painful condition that will not goaway without help from a dentist or endodontist to perform Endodontics therapy.Endodontics focuses on the health of the roots and nerves of your teeth. When one of these parts of a tooth isdamaged, exposed or diseased it can be very painful and affect the use of the tooth.The first step to save the tooth is to perform a root canal. This involves opening the tooth, removing the pulp, or innerparts, of the tooth, filling it in with resin and capping it off with a realistic tooth-like structure.If you’re experiencing tooth pain, click the below button to make an appointment or Call +49 241 54 30 54